Create Vibrancy NOT Vibration

Noise adversely affects general health in the same way as chronic stress by:

  • causing digestive problems,
  • inhibiting language development in children,
  • creating social handicaps,
  • reducing productivity,
  • impairing teaching and learning, and
  • increasing absenteeism, alcohol and drug use, and accidents.[5]

Noise impairs the ability to enjoy one’s property and leisure time and increases the frequency of antisocial behavior.[6]

Noise “adversely affects future generations by degrading residential, social, and learning environments with corresponding economic losses.” [7]

MPP’s proposed legislation HoCo 9-13 contradicts all five priorities of County Executive Ken Ulman’s commitment to “make good government even better”:[1]

  • Public Safety and Education: Noise causes carbohydrate craving, including sugars, white flour products, and alcohol. Piling sand on county parking lots does not cover up this fact. Even if Mr. Ulman had police enforce the current county noise standards, citizens are not adequately protected.
  • Finding Efficiencies Within Government: MPP’s proposed bill opposes Maryland’s HB-190 effective October 2012 which revises the framework for enforcing noise standards for more efficient and cost-effective responses to citizen noise complaints.[2]
  • Exercising Sound Fiscal Management: MPP’s proposed legislation prohibits the County from collecting fines up to $10,000 for noise violations. Fines last season would have recouped much of our police overtime budget deficit of $500K.
  • Protecting Our Environment: MPP’s Harmful Noise interrupts treatments and classes at Four Gates Wellness Center, psychotherapy, psychiatry, insurance offices, and the innovative political image-making firm in our building—only one of Columbia’s 57% professional workplaces.[3]
  • Creating a Healthier and More Vibrant Community:  Vibration is NOT vibrancy. Generating hearing loss, interrupting sleep, and preventing rest and renewal, noise raises men’s heart attack risk by 50%; women’s, by 300%.[4]

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