About Laura

A graduate of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute™, now called Tai Sophia Institute™, I have performed over 25,000 treatments since 1997 integrating acupuncture, acupressure, Zero Balancing©, and other hands-on therapies including Cranio-Sacral work and Reiki.

I facilitate increased vitality, greater clarity, improved body structure and function, enhanced relationships, deep connection in community, joy in living, contentment in dying. People of all ages and health conditions receive these benefits from regular treatments where I educate people in self-care to:

  • reduce pain and cravings
  • balance being both grounded and energized in the moment
  • support muscular-skeletal function and range of motion
  • enhance sensory awareness, mental clarity, and emotional ease
  • nurture ourselves and each other with wholesome local foods and water
  • explore new awareness in the body-felt sense with breath and stillness
  • distinguish sensations from the meaning we make of sensations
  • gain insight and authentic Heart guidance in fulfilling one’s life purpose
  • generate healthy, supportive relationships in families, work and community
  • make commitments and meet goals for integrity, ease and flow in living
  • change activities, circumstances or interpretations for peace and well-being
  • appropriately seek services of other licensed health care providers


On a favorite walk at Wilde Lake

Client-centered Touch;                     Authentic Communication;    Compassionate Connection;
Access, Action, Acceptance and Awareness


To the Flow of Life:  Balance, Beauty, Creativity, Generosity, Integrity, Motivation, Passion and Perseverance.